We here at Franky’s have one goal in mind. That is to feed you, and feed you well in the classic Italian tradition. We produce gravies and sauces infused with generations of love and life stirred into them, giving each creation a distinct character and flavor that will be recognizable as extraordinarily Franky’s. We make our gravies and sauces readily available and easy to use. We make pasta exciting again!

A hearty sauce that everyone will enjoy, our meat sauce includes beef and Italian pork sausage, which combine to bring rich flavors to our product. We simmer the mixture of meats in our sauce and spices that make for an amazing meal that anyone can present effortlessly. Our sauce (or gravy) is authentic and tastefully unique. Our meat sauce not only tastes fantastic, but is naturally gluten free and when catering to large quantities of people, it is ready to go and appeals to the masses. We’ve done all the prep for you, leaving you to heat up the pasta of your choice and our sauce to easily plate single portions or family style with ease. We take the mess out of your kitchen and bring authentic gourmet Italian sauce to your table in minutes. Retail box has 1 16oz microwavable tray.